Emma & Tom’s are committed to helping all Australians look after themselves by offering nutritious, minimally processed whole fruit products that are good for you, and taste great too!

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1 week ago

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Gail HackGoodness, health, substantial and taste. Local Australian company, and not available enough.1 week ago
Jacqui ClarkeAustralian owned, the name says it all - personal and accountable for producing healthy, delicious products.1 week ago
Cece LiaI just adore the coconut & cacao life bars because they give me my sugar hit without compromising my healthy eating... Emma & Tom's is helping me achieve my personal goals! Thank you ❤️1 week ago
Kate BayouA drink which can give me all of the nutrients i need in a way that is not also sugar filled, and has flavours i can really taste to help me quench my thirst.1 week ago
Sarah WakelinYumminess and goodness all in one!1 week ago
Eves KaliAlways out of stock when I need them...ohh and yummy!1 week ago
Christine Stamatis Hatzikalimniosi love your green power wish you had then more available in Sydney and the whole range would make my juicing detox a whole lot easier !!!! They kept me good when i was on holidays1 week ago
Chris GubbinsAn Australian brand providing world class products1 week ago
Yvonne GilesEmma and toms means I can have my favourite childhood treats a coconut rough and a cherry ripe without the calories or the guilt but all natural and raw!! Yummo1 week ago
Andrew ChangEmma & Tom's, to me, means quality, freshness and good health!1 week ago
Drew CummingsThe perfect response when the kids are nagging for a snack when in the supermarket. I'm happy giving it to them and they're certainly happy eating it!!!1 week ago
Taryn JohnsonIt means good, wholesome, additive free, all natural food and drinks. Makes you think it's made in someone's home, rather than a huge factory because it reminds me of something my Ma would make.1 week ago
Paula LesterAside from being proudly Australian...It means I can pick up a product from th shelf and not have to spend 5 minutes analysing the ingredients to see if it is full of hidden nasties! Yay!1 week ago
Cindy LongYour Life Bars are a much preferred alternative to a choccie bar! Love the cacao & orange and cacao & coconut the best!1 week ago
Cassie HeffernanHealthy delicious snack on the go!👌1 week ago
Andrea KaldyA little ray of sunshine in my day at lunchtime. :) ☀️1 week ago
Roslyn KentBright, fresh, healthy and full of goodness 😃1 week ago
Poppy JorganSimple, natural, great food1 week ago
Erin O'sheaHealthy, nutritious and very delicious :)1 week ago
Nikita TasiA brand who is looking after my health whilst providing me with a scrumptious tasting delight that tastes like a treat but is actually indeed as healthy as it gets!1 week ago
Judi SwaynHealthy and delicious and make my life easier as i am a busy chef and there my go to snack when i dont get meal breaks !1 week ago
Sarah AndersonLife bars give me far more energy to keep going during the day than sugary alternatives1 week ago
Tania McKayKnowing that what I am having is not only good for me it tastes sensational as well1 week ago
Jules JenkinsIt means nutrition, happiness,energy and positive eating1 week ago
Sam LewinJust had your cacao & coffee bean bar for the very first time, omg sooooo good! Emma & Tom's means healthy, yummy guilt free pleasure!!! Totally whole30 compliant to boot, fantastic!!!! 😃😃😃1 week ago

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