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The juice on the best fruit juice
Over the years fruit juice has been given a bad wrap, with many nutritionists stating that fruit juice is low in fibre compared to eating pieces of whole fruit. This is because most fruit juice contains only the juice from the fruit, not the flesh, and the juice is pasteurised (heated) for a long time to give it a longer shelf life. A lot of juice is also made from concentrate where most of the nutrition has been boiled out.

Emma & Tom’s make whole fruit smoothies, where whole fruits such as mangoes, plums, peaches and berries are crushed, rather than juiced so all of the fleshy goodness goes into the bottle.

Each bottle of Emma & Tom’s provides about 20% of your daily fibre requirement and at least 2 portions of whole fruit – juice, flesh and all. Enjoy an Emma & Tom’s smoothie during the day and eat a stir-fry for dinner and you’ve met your daily fruit and veggie requirement.

The Heart Foundation recommends 30g of fibre per day for an adult and 10g of fibre per day (plus 1 gram for every year of age) for a child, therefore a 10 year old child should consume 20g per day. Emma & Tom’s range of whole fruit smoothies contains between 4.6 – 8.9 grams of fibre per bottle.

Unlike many hot-filled, stewed fruit juices on the Australian market, Emma & Tom’s whole fruit smoothies are flash pasteurised and cold filled. In order to ensure a bacteria-free product the juice is quickly heated for 10 seconds then reduced back to 4 degrees where it stays refrigerated until our customers pick it up from the fridge of their favourite café (just like milk).

In Australia, many other juices are pasteurised for a lot longer in order to be able to transport the juice un-refrigerated and store it on dry shelves. We believe this makes for a stewed juice that compromises on flavour and nutrition so we go to great lengths to only flash pasteurise our juice and transport it chilled. This retains the true flavour and natural goodness of the fruit and provides a crisp, fresh juice that’s as close to the original fruit as possible.

Emma & Tom’s fruit juice has to be kept refrigerated its whole life and each juice has a 30 day fridge life, because we don’t add any preservatives. It’s just fruit, whole fruit. No preservatives, no added sugar, no artificial flavours or colours – yes, the juice is naturally that bright! And no concentrates – Emma & Tom’s is a big supporter of Aussie farmers, sourcing Kensington Pride mangoes from Far North Queensland, Valencia oranges from Griffith, apples from the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and plums from South Australia.

Emma & Tom’s whole fruit smoothies are the tastiest fruit juices on the market, and provide more vitamins and minerals than regular juices as they have added functional botanicals such as spirulina for extra iron, stinging nettle to cleanse the body and grape seed extract for an antioxidant boost. This is why we believe we have the best fruit juice on the market.